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 Administrators and Moderators

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PostSubject: Administrators and Moderators   Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:20 pm

What is an administrator?
The administrators are the people who created this forum. Administrators can be defined by the "Admin" rank title and picture beneath their username.

What are moderators?
Moderators are a group of people granted special powers to enforce the rules of the guild and the forum. Forum Moderators can move discussions to different sections of the forum, close discussions, and edit the content of individual postings. They also can answer questions (or help people with problems), and report users who are trolling or breaking the rules of the forum to be blocked or banned. They can be defined by the "Forum Moderator" rank title and picture beneath their username. Chatbox Moderators are responsible for moderating the chatbox on the forums. They can be defined by the "Chatbox Moderator" rank title and picture beneath their username.

How can you become a moderator?
They are chosen by the administrators. We do not consider requests to become a moderator so please do not send any in. If there is a need for a new moderator, administrators will nominate the user they believe has proved to have the temperament and judgement needed to help monitor fairness and rule-breakers in the forums. The best ways to maximize your chances of being asked to become a forum moderator are to carry on posting consistently in the forums in accordance with the rules and guidelines and being helpful and friendly to all other members as well as the new and less experienced users.
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Administrators and Moderators
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