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 Newest Demos: Halo Wars and RE5

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PostSubject: Newest Demos: Halo Wars and RE5   Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:37 pm

So i'm just wanting to talk about these two demo's i've been playing a good deal...

Halo Wars:
I'm actually excited now about this game. Wasn't before...but the demo showed me the light. While, i'm not the biggest Halo fan, the fact that they fit this into the lore is really cool.
As for RTS...on consoles i've yet to find a really good one. (EndWar was good...but lacked some freedom...point a to b to c, it was ok). The controls work, you can get to everything you need, easily..and resources are simple enough to not have to worry too much.

While a lot of people are angry with the controls, and the not moving while shooting. I like it. Same with RE4 which I played the hell out of.
The only thing that makes me sad is the step away from zombies and into the strangeness of the parasitic thing.

what you all think?


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PostSubject: Re: Newest Demos: Halo Wars and RE5   Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:22 pm

i havent played either. i have never played resident evil...im told i will like it though. i have played all the other halos and love them. not too sure about this game because it is completely different gameplay. i think i may wait for jared to get it ( he loves it because it is like starcraft according to him) and then possibly play it then.
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Newest Demos: Halo Wars and RE5
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